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The Digital Ecosystem for Surgery

Unlocking the power of surgical data.

The future of surgery is connected, open, and adaptive.

We are bringing more than a century of experience in surgery to connect and activate the power of data and support the people at the center of surgical care.


Valuable data goes unused. Hospitals generate 50 petabytes of data in a year, but 80% of it is unstructured and 97% is unused.1


Video is a rich data source in the OR. One-minute of high definition surgical video contains 25-times more data than a single high resolution CT image.2


Enhanced connectivity can help empower surgeon insights. 45% of surgeons rarely receive insights into their operating room performance3, but individualized feedback can help quality of surgical practice.4

The next era of surgery is here. 

A more connected surgical experience.

Solutions. Studio. Store. 
The Polyphonic™ digital ecosystem will deliver applications, a secure development platform, and a marketplace for curated software solutions to help meet the needs of surgeons, healthcare teams,  hospitals, and patients.

Starting with collaboration.

The first release of Polyphonic Solutions includes secure video management, surgical telepresence, and surgery case management to deliver actionable and objective insights, improve proficiency, and connect surgical teams.

Johnson & Johnson MedTech Announces the Polyphonic™ Digital Ecosystem for a More Connected Surgical Experience

First release features applications and features focused on surgical video editing and publishing, surgical case management, procedure planning, and surgical telepresence.

Polyphonic is in use in select hospital sites through beta program with general availability targeted in 2025.

June 20, 2024 - New Brunswick, N.J.

Johnson & Johnson MedTech today unveiled Polyphonic™, the open and secure digital ecosystem for a more connected surgical experience. The ecosystem features software applications that are agnostic to data source and focused on delivering insights when and where they matter most, with future releases offering an open and secure development platform and marketplace for curated digital solutions.

The first release, available now for select hospitals, features Polyphonic Solutions applications for surgical video, telepresence, and planning to help surgeons and surgical teams increase collaboration within an integrated, user-focused solution purpose-built for healthcare.

“What’s next in surgery is a more connected experience for patients, healthcare teams, and hospitals as we bring forward the value of surgical data,” said Hani Abouhalka, Company Group Chairman, Surgery, Johnson & Johnson MedTech. “Building on our extensive network of surgical technologies and surgical software solutions deployed in operating rooms around the world, we are prioritizing collaboration and open innovation for a more human, more adaptive, and more connected surgery experience.”

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