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The next era
of MedTech
is here.

Fueled by innovation at the
intersection of biology
and technology

We're developing the next generation of smarter, less invasive, more personalized treatments.
QDOT MICROTM Catheter, with its 6 thermocouples, improves temperature sensitivity that allows real-time temperature map display.


Delivering care to the hardest-to-reach areas

From advanced mapping and navigation to robotic assisted solutions, we are delivering care in the hardest to reach parts within the human body.

Treating with pinpoint precision

By focusing highly engineered and intelligent treatments exactly where they're needed, we're protecting what's healthy and delivering care to what's not.
Close up of the VELYSTM Robotic Assisted Solution on a white background.

VELYSTM Robotic-Assisted Solution

ACUVUE® Contact Lenses are soft (hydrophilic) contact lenses available as spherical and multifocal lenses

ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses

Making people feel whole again

We're helping to restore sight in ways that feel more natural and imperceptible, so people feel more like themselves again.

Reimagining healing and recovery

Because the journey to wellness begins at the moment of diagnosis, our technologies reimagine healing all along the continuum of care.
Close up of the EchelonTM 3000 Surgical Stapling device.

ECHELONTM 3000 Surgical Stapler

Tackling the most pervasive
and complex health challenges

32% of the global burden of disease can be attributed to surgically treatable conditions1
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15M people experience their first stroke every year2
A close up of a female physician hand resting a stethoscope on an elderly Black female’s chest over a brown colored t-shirt.
1.7B people have musculoskeletal disorders worldwide3
A close up of a Caucasian male, stretching outdoors by resting both hands on his knee.
Redefining what it feels like to be a patient

Together, we are transforming
healthcare experiences

Drawing on a century of working alongside clinicians and patients to reimagine healthcare.

Historic cover page  of a how-to guide on antiseptic surgery, titled " Modern Methods of Antiseptic Wound Treatment" published by  Johnson & Johnson in  New York circa 1888.

Explore the latest thinking
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November 15, 2023
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What's next in surgery: Human, adaptive, connected care

November 7, 2023
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Meet our leadership

A Headshot of: Tim Schmid, Company Group Chairman APAC
Tim Schmid
Executive Vice President
Worldwide Chairman MedTech
A Headshot of: Hani Abouhalka, Company Group Chairman Robotics & Digital Solutions
Hani Abouhalka
Company Group Chairman
A Headshot of: Aldo Denti, Company Group Chairman DePuy Synthes
Aldo Denti
Company Group Chairman
DePuy Synthes
A Headshot of: Celine Martin, Company Group Chairman Cardiovascular & Specialty Solutions Group
Celine Martin
Company Group Chairman Cardiovascular & Specialty Solutions Group
A Headshot of: Peter Menziuso, Company Group Chairman J&J Vision
Peter Menziuso
Company Group Chairman
J&J Vision
A Headshot of: Gavin Wood, Company Group Chairman EMEA
Gavin Wood
Company Group Chairman
J&J MedTech EMEA
A Headshot of: Gustavo Galá, Internation Vice President, LATAM
Gustavo Galá
International VP
A Headshot of: Lisa Blair Davis, Global Head HR
Lisa Blair Davis
Global Head HR
J&J MedTech
A Headshot of: Kurt Van den Bosch, Chief Financial Officer Group Finance
Kurt Van den Bosch
J&J MedTech
A Headshot of: Stephanie Hartgrove, Worldwide VP Supply Chain
Stephanie Hartgrove
VP Communications
& Public Affairs
J&J MedTech
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Larry Jones
J&J MedTech
A Headshot of: Jennifer Kozak, Vice President, Business Development
Jennifer Kozak
VP Business Development
J&J MedTech
A Headshot of: Chuck Medovich, Vice President and Chief Quality Officer
Chuck Medovich
VP Quality
J&J MedTech
A Headshot of: Peter Schulam, Global Head, Medical Affairs, Clinical Affairs and Pre-Clinical Research
Peter Schulam, MD, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
J&J MedTech
A Headshot of: Ashley Watson, General Counsel
Ashley Watson, JD
General Counsel
J&J MedTech